Mike, what books do you suggest for getting up to speed on the Lean approach?

Recent question to me from a newbie to my Lean Coffee meetup:

Hey, I was wondering if you could suggest any books for getting up to speed on the LEAN approach? I’m reading ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries, and like it a lot. Anything that you’ve really enjoyed? Thanks 🙂

Thought I’d share he thoughts I passed to David:

Hi David, I’m not much of a prose guy – unconferences, meet-ups, lean coffee and experiential training work better for me. I’ve skimmed Lean Startup and that was interesting in parts; I’ve also read the Phoenix Project (devops focus and pretty terrible plotting and characters but a weirdly compelling outlook on incremental, value-based organisations – and it’s apparently a rewrite of the plot of The Goal which I’ve heard is also good in this vein).

Neal Peterson (who’s a regular attendee and runs a parallel Lean Coffee of the North) is our resident Lean Guru. I’d reach out to him too.

If you haven’t already, I’d strongly recommend getting involved with Agile PDX – many meet-up opportunities each month, and an invite-only (only because we haven’t automated self-signup) Slack group you’d be welcome to join.

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