Contemplating the question of whether I’m ready for my new job as an annointed (annoying? the words sound so similar…) Product Manager at New Relic.


Excited, yes! This is going to be a learning opportunity without compare, and tons of opportunity to get to know a whole new set of customers.  The amount of stuff I don’t know is huge – I know a lot of stuff on which I’ll build, and I’m a super-sponge for the customer needs, the way their tech works, and what’s really important to everyone – and there’s plenty of opportunity to live that dream.

Nervous? Hells yeah. Those customers could be very demanding; the engineers might find me wanting; the technology is terribly complex and I worry if there are things I’ll just never get.  Worst case, they’ll encounter me as one of “those people” – the folks who don’t understand the technology, are talking out their ass, and end up misrepresenting the way it really works or how long it could really take to deliver a new feature.iu-3

Ready to start working?  Um.  YES.  I’ve been getting more and more anxious about all the what-ifs, the ways I might embarrass myself and how many ways I want to help out and make good stuff happen.  I thought the time off between jobs would be helpful to get my mind at ease and clear of the old world; clear was easy, but ‘at ease’ was apparently not in my playbook.

See you on the other side!iu

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