The “-ity” Echo Chamber

What Kicked Off This Rant

I watch a blog at work that lectures about all the reasons why they’re wrong about this blogger’s pet subjects – design, UX, research, many of the secondary aspects of quality of a piece of software (much like security and privacy are secondary quality characteristics of technology projects). Overlong weekly screeds with tons of footnoted research to “prove” the points.


Like a dozen per post.

No, seriously.

Then the fawning praise comes in from the people in the same field who all already agree with the points being made, and feel like their voice is being amplified and broadcast.

Only it ain’t. When your readership is the Echo Choir, I’m sure the adulation and affirmation that you’re “right” feels great, but does any of that advocacy translate into changing the minds of the folks who actually hold the power to implement (or ignore) your demands?

Echo Chamber

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