Get to know Mike. The Tech Ambassador, the Empathizer, the hairy Dog Fur-bearer, the comics-inspired Dude and the Hatter.

Something I’m tired of doing to myself, every time I want to write my thoughts out to the world around me, is deciding halfway through a rant or a confessional, that the people I’m aiming at probably wouldn’t give the full rat’s ass to make it through the ninth paragraph.

So starting in 2015 I’m mustering the nerve to just write what I need to get out of my multi-layered (fractured?) brain. Is there anyone out there reading what I write (other than the Google index spider and the parasitic content-scrapers [hi there bastards!])? Fucked if I know. And as far as this pressurized-anxiety release valve is concerned, don’t really matter. Nope, it don’t.

Got something to say to me? Take your best shot (and not your laziest one). I’ll give as good (but not as bad) as I get.

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