This week in after-work design & tech events in PDX Agile PDX, PDX QS

Maker Faire Portland was this weekend, and quite a collection of weird and fun technologies were available to break, create and buy. I saw a couple of friends there – and a lot of pirates, robots, fire, 3D printers and well, the usual weirdos that hang out at these things. Hope you had a chance to catch up with the bleeding edge of DIY.

Genevieve Bell gave us a quick update on where Intel Labs’ research and thinking currently is – intriguing insights as always. IDF 2013 replay available here.

Ever wondered whether mess engenders creativity? Researchers from University of Minnesota have some interesting experiments to share.

Only 20 tickets left for the October CHIFOO event…

Oh hell – and Rose City Comicon is on this weekend, and I’ll be out of town. That is a BUMMER – you won’t even get the chance to see me in my Superman kilt. OK, here’s a sneak peek.

This Week in my kind of PDX fun
· Wed Sept 18th: Agile PDX “Ward Cunningham On Getting Current in the New Web World” (Calagator)

· Thurs Sept 19th: PDX Quantified Self “Show and Tell” (Meetup)

On the Radar
· Tues Sept 24th: Portland UX Happy Hour “Combo meal with PDX Web & Design” (Calagator)

· Tues Sept 24th: Internet of Things Meetup PDX “The $1K Hardware Contest and Oregon’s Plans for a Hardware Incubator” (Meetup)

· Sept 27-28th: BSides PDX Annual Security Hackers Gathering (EventBrite)

· Wed Oct 2nd: CHIFOO “Finding and Measuring the Awesome in Education” (Eventbrite)

· Sat Oct 5th: PDX Code Retreat – Fall 2013 (EventBrite)

· Oct 7-12th: Design Week Portland – just ignore the horrible gimmicky page design, I’m sure there’ll be some talented designers featured there

· Jan 11th 2014: Portland Code Camp 2014 (EventBrite)

· March 2014: CHIFOO talk “Show, Don’t Tell: Storytelling Experience Design in Modern Comic Books

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Interaction Designer and Scrum Product Owner

“You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” Steve Jobs

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