This week in after-work design & tech events in Portland PDXQS, CHIFOO, PDX Web & Design

I have to admit, I did nothing last week as social “after-work design & tech fun”. Bad Mike – no gold star for you last week. Instead I found myself researching the Comic Book Storytelling UX talk – it’s six months away but I’m already obsessed with collecting the perfect pages – fun for me and eye-opening for you. Dog help me if this keeps up.

Of note: the October CHIFOO event is a tickets-only event, and tickets are going surprisingly fast. (57 left as of press time) If you’re thinking about it, get yours now!

See you on the sunny hot streets of Portland.

This Week in my kind of PDX fun
· Tues Sept 10th: PDX Quantified Self “QS Co-laboratory” (Meetup)

· Wed Sept 11th: CHIFOO “Using Value to Position Design, UX, and HCI More Strategically In an Organization” (CHIFOO)

· Thurs Sept 12th: PDX Web & Design “Developing/Designing for Google Glass” (Meetup)

On the Radar
· Wed Sept 18th: Agile PDX “Ward Cunningham On Getting Current in the New Web World” (Calagator)

· Thurs Sept 19th: PDX Quantified Self “Show and Tell” (Meetup)

· Tues Sept 24th: Portland UX Happy Hour “Combo meal with PDX Web & Design” (Calagator)

· Tues Sept 24th: Internet of Things Meetup PDX “The $1K Hardware Contest and Oregon’s Plans for a Hardware Incubator” (Meetup)

· Wed Oct 2nd: CHIFOO “Finding and Measuring the Awesome in Education” (Eventbrite)

· Sat Oct 5th: PDX Code Retreat – Fall 2013 (EventBrite)

· March 2014: CHIFOO talk “Show, Don’t Tell: Storytelling Experience Design in Modern Comic Books

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