This week in after-work design & tech events in Portland PDX Web Development

Good morning all! Big news for me – I have been invited to the CHIFOO 2014 speakers series on Storytelling. My talk is current titled, "Show, Don’t Tell: Storytelling Experience Design in Modern Comic Books", and is scheduled for March 2014! I’m excited about sharing a wealth of insights I have on two long-dear-to-me subjects, and I must admit I’m a little intimidated by the enthusiasm that’s already coming out of the woodwork as I share this news with friends and colleagues. I’ll be calling on many of you to preview the talk as it develops, and if you’ve got anything you want to share with me on the subject, allow me to buy you a beer and ply it out of you.

Big items hit my radar for the more recent future:

TechFest NW (Sept 6-8 – this weekend!!), UX Intensive Seattle (Nov 4-7), JavaScript Summit 2013, ConveyUX 2014… (and others you can find in Smashing Magazine’s mega list) .

And the Summer Coder’s Social on Sept 14th (for those of you who are into family-friendly events aka Not Me).

Wanna meet other web developers in town? Come out with me tonight!

This Week in PDX fun
· Wed Sept 4th: PDX Web Development, inaugural meeting “Get to know members” (Meetup)
On the Radar
· Tues Sept 10th: PDX Quantified Self “QS Co-laboratory” (Meetup)

· Wed Sept 11th: CHIFOO “Using Value to Position Design, UX, and HCI More Strategically In an Organization” (CHIFOO)

· Thurs Sept 12th: PDX Web & Design “Developing/Designing for Google Glass” (Meetup)

· Thurs Sept 19th: PDX Quantified Self “Show and Tell” (Meetup)

· Tues Sept 24th: Internet of Things Meetup PDX “The $1K Hardware Contest and Oregon’s Plans for a Hardware Incubator” (Meetup)

Mike Lonergan

Making software better for users since 2006.

Interaction Designer and Scrum Product Owner

“You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” Steve Jobs

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