What’s going on in after-work design & tech events in Portland SEMpdx Networking, UX Happy Hour, big data

CHIBowl was fun last week, but I had to dive out before it got raucous. (At least, that’s the way that event would end if it’s was up to me.) Got to see some friends put on a real conversational show, and made a few new friends whose names are just as ephemeral as my bowling prowess. (I noticed not one but two monogrammed bowling shirts – fashion rules.)

Did you make it to PDX Web & Design? I am dying to know what UI Designer “tools” they discussed – and I haven’t seen any slides mentioned after the event L

I won’t be around next week (vacation on the humid East Coast) so you’re on your own. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

I discovered an interesting Social Psychology course offered by Wesleyan University that starts this week and goes for a couple of months. We’ll hear and discuss about the social dynamics of subjects such as Persuasion, Obedience, Conformity, group behaviour, Conflict and Empathy.

Where could you find me this Week?
· Tues Aug 13th: SEMpdx Presents the Annual Rooftop Networking Party, co-sponsored by CHIFOO and others (Meetup)

· Wed Aug 14th: UX Happy Hour @ the White Owl Social Club (Calagator)

· Thurs Aug 16th: PDX Big Data Discussion Group – open discussion at Green Dragon (Calagator)

· Aug – Oct: free online Social Psychology university course (Coursera)

On the Radar
· Wed Aug 28th: Portland JavaScript Admirers (Meetup)

· Wed Sept 4th: PDX Web Development “Get to know members” (Meetup)

· Wed Sept 11th: CHIFOO “Using Value to Position Design, UX, and HCI More Strategically In an Organization” (CHIFOO)

· Thurs Sept 12th: PDX Web & Design “Developing/Designing for Google Glass” (Meetup)

· Tues Sept 17th: Internet of Things Meetup PDX “(tbd)” (Meetup)

· Delight Oct 7-8: [I’m not going but you might be interested] (Delight)

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