What’s going on in after-work design & tech events in Portland CHIbowl, PDX Web & Design

I dropped in on the Portland UX Happy Hour last week – a new group with an ad-hoc mission and an interesting variety of people – co-led by two energetic people (Jenny Mahmoudi and Elea Chang) who are working to bridge the Portland design communities. Met some interesting new folks, had fun and eye-opening conversations, laughed and jabbered.

See you for a round of bowling this week – and I’ll catch you next week at the SEMpdx networking party (who’re throwing their arms pretty wide to the whole tech community). I’ll have to step out on the PDX Web & Design meetup this Thursday, so if you’re going please take notes – I’d love to know what kinds of tools UI people are using!

Where could you find me this Week?
· Wed Aug 7th: CHIFOO – annual bowling party (free for members!) (CHIFOO)

· Thurs Aug 8th: PDX Web & Design “Beyond the Comp: A UI Developer’s Toolset” (Meetup) [Well, not me ‘cause I’m celebrating my sweetie’s birfday]

On the Radar
· Tues Aug 13th: SEMpdx Presents the Annual Rooftop Networking Party, co-sponsored by CHIFOO and others (Meetup)

· Thurs Aug 16th: PDX Big Data Discussion Group – open discussion at Green Dragon (Calagator)

· Wed Aug 28th: Portland JavaScript Admirers (Meetup)

· Wed Sept 4th: PDX Web Development “Get to know members” (Meetup)

· Wed Sept 11th: CHIFOO “Using Value to Position Design, UX, and HCI More Strategically In an Organization” (CHIFOO)

· Thurs Sept 12th: PDX Web & Design “Developing/Designing for Google Glass” (Meetup)

· Tues Sept 17th: Internet of Things Meetup PDX “(tbd)” (Meetup)


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