My philosophical thoughts on Futuristic User Interfaces from sci-fi and anime movies

Futuristic user interfaces from cyberpunk and anime movies

The thing that strikes me most about this uber collections just how indecipherable many of these future UI’s are, and how unintuitive nearly **all** are.

stark monitors

I can only conclude from looking at these (and remembering many others from past sci-fi romps) that in Hollywood, and especially in the dark days of personal computing (when many of these movies were made), computers and their UI’s have nearly always looked absolutely inscrutable to most of the population, and that the only hope most civilians (not engineers) had for the future was that humanity would get genetically smarter as we advanced.

We would get smart enough that as a species, our brains would finally be able to treat these masses of poorly-laid-out information and instructions as a normal course of interfacing with machines, and would be able to process this stream of pixels in real time. It really says more about our hopes for the species in the future (less broken, reaching pinnacles of performance and capability) than it does about what we aspire from our machinery (which apparently, was very little – they would remain cryptic arbiters of control over our environment). I am SO GLAD that we have already at this point in computing technology found ways to start to think “human-first” in the human-computer interaction.

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