Figuring out what to next – to accelerate fulfilment in my work

Talked to Sara (my muse) today about trying to work out in my head what to do next – what creative/skill-building exercise or learning opportunity to take on? I’m dying to break out, but hog-tied at the same time to try to assess among all the possible things I’ve thought of – which is most likely to give me the biggest payoff.

Yes I know that the only way to find out for sure is to try something and see how it fits. Yes I intellectually understand that if I’m so focused on outcomes from step one, the right brain creative impulses are necessarily being strangled in the crib. Of course it’s ridiculous to sort through so many things to find the perfect endeavour that lights the clear path to my next career.

All that said, and knowing how crazy I’m making myself, I have to acknowledge the simple truth of the complexities of being Mike: the situation I’m in right now, knowing I’m aspiring and working towards a more creative, ideas-oriented and wide-scoped style of work, and gathering to myself as I have been a preponderance of new things I’ve never tried and all of which occupy the sphere of user-centric creation that I’m convinced is where I belong…right now I have a perfect mental image of how that makes me feel right now:

I’m in a rowboat, surrounded by a sea of a thousand things I could, should and would like to try, I have no idea in which direction to row to find dry land.

So here’s some of the things that are rattling around just today (for which focusing efforts I’m grateful to Sara for her gentle nudges):

Why do I want to try these things?
– Take small bites of a lot of little things I’d like to become, to see which inspire me
– help me convey my big abstract ideas better to others
– demystify those creative expressions that have felt just behind the looking glass all my life
– tap into long-held adoration of abstract expressions that resonate with my soul
– personal enrichment that makes me feel more confident in my own very personal beliefs and ways of expressing myself
– spark new creative thoughts
– cultivate pure enjoyment at being part of the world of creative beings
– use more parts of my brain – tap into latent talents

A small selection of things I’d like to try:
– drawing classes
– glass blowing
– story boarding (visual)
– storytelling (verbal)
– learn a new app development skill (JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML)
– try creating short videos to convey a personal idea
– more writing from places of conviction
– reading inspiring books in UX & ubiquitous computing
– 3D modelling and design
– certification and degrees
– volunteering to assist others who need my skills


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