My experience design manifesto (as of 2012-10-18, 9:18am)


The most fun, most inspiring work that I do these days is changing the experience of my customers.

Change their experience of laborious, confusing and bloated processes to something that gets to the heart of *helping* them. Help them figure out what is the goal at each stage or zoom level, how to describe the results that would mean they were successful, and see examples of what has been deemed acceptable.

Change their experience of learning how to find the training materials they need – from navigating a far-too-dense eye chart to a needs-centric dashboard of only-what-each-user-needs-to-see information.

Changing their experience of talking to my team about what it would take to adapt our processes to their unique business needs. Listening hard to hear not only what they ask for but what they really need – probing and pursuing that ground truth until I’m satisfied that I’ve found the subterranean lair in which their most closely-guarded desires are secreted, then patiently and persistently coaxing them out into considering a new, more satisfying way to satisfy the needs they have (and not the needs they happened to visualise when they first encountered me).

I defend my customers to the point of making myself hoarse. I impersonate them to the point that colleagues wonder how long I must’ve worked in that field.


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