Status and failure of CacheMyWork development

Every month or so I get an email like the following:

Hi, Love your app CacheMyWork. Left some suggestions for improvement on your website a while ago. Any chance you’ll release an updated version with more functionality any time soon? Seems to my it has huge potential once it’s updated.

I get this kind of email – wondering when I’ll finish the app, asking about status, wondering why it seems incomplete or why I haven’t integrated [easy fix “X”] – for only one of the open source projects I ever released:

Every time I get one of these, I feel like a jerk for not finishing (or continuing) what I started, and I realize that if I was just a better coder, I’d have a lot of happy people out there.

I could never get my head around the databinding that is necessary to connect the WPF front end i built for the “version 2” of my app to the well-formed, totally functional app-finding algorithm I built literally years ago.

I feel like I’m disappointing a lot of people by not getting this back underway, but I really don’t have a clue how to fix the damned thing. I think my failure to maintain/improve this project is one reason why I’m giving up on my dream to ever be a professional coder.

I swear something must be wrong with my brain – every time I try to re-learn databinding concepts for .NET they look like they’re pretty simple for the author, but when I try to apply the ideas to my code, it never seems to work. I’ve coded three different data classes, I’ve tried every combination of parameters in the binding (both the XAML and the code-behind) I could find, but at best I get code parameters in the UI – never anything that hints that the bound data is leaking through (even though I can clearly see the data in the data class when I set breakpoints in the debugger). It’s like I’m not “getting” something about how this is supposed to work – it reminds me of how I was a week or two behind in introductory calculus class, when my brain couldn’t visualize what it was we were manipulating with those damned equations. (I finally got the calculus, though I think by now I’d have to start all over again.)

What would you do in this situation? I’d really like to get this going again – at least make good on the unfinished “new” release, and give myself some closure on that chapter of my geek life.

One thought on “Status and failure of CacheMyWork development

  1. Please put a link on the codeplex pages to this post, so people know it's no longer being developed. Don't feel bad — it's a ton of work, and not everyone has the time, support, expertise to finish something this complicated.

    Therefore, the best action would be to mark the project as shut down on Codeplex, so people know not to keep looking, and then you can move on yourself without feeling guilty.


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