Review: The Other Side

The Other Side
The Other Side by Jason Aaron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fascinating insights into two very different training & motivational approaches to mustering an army, and how it affects not only the individual actions of soldiers but also the outcome of the whole war.

Then the real slog hits – holy god is this hard to get through, unrelenting, painful, numbing stuff. I had to put it down about 2/3 the way through, take a break, read some funny stuff on the Internet, grab a snack. It was *that* hard for me to experience just how unrelentingly depressing, inhumane and soul-crushing the actual *experience* of fighting this war was for the boys on the ground.

Which makes this an all-star, kudos-earning, compelling storytelling effort on the part of the creators. When I’m that repulsed by the work, that means they did an incredible job reaching out from the pages and hitting me square in the emotive muscle.

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