Review: Final Crisis

Final Crisis
Final Crisis by Grant Morrison
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Found the first few pages waaaaay too abstract to bother reading the rest. However it keeps coming back at me, and after realizing it was the linchpin between Batman RIP and Batman Reborn, I finally gave in.

This book feels like it’s all over the place – intentionally. That’s good for the DC geeks who know every minor character or sub-plot that gets a cameo here, but holy hell is it uninteresting to a DC amateur like me.

And frankly the hardest part of reading this book was trying to find and follow the narrative. I mean, there’s good mind-bending storytelling that Morrison is famous for, and then there’s just putting the plot points, characters and dialogue in a blender and simply churning until it’s an unrecognizable mass.

I’m sure if I read it again I’d get much more out of it, and maybe I will someday after I’ve spent a couple of years catching up on the DC universe (after five years I’ve focused so much on Marvel).

Until then I’m going to lament Morrison’s dubious decision to narrate most dialogue in that most insipid and stilted style that was popular back when comic books were still printed using droplet ink.

I totally felt duped into reading this when I saw how little airtime Batman and his “death” actually got. I didn’t know anything more about the continuity jump between Batman RIP and Batman Reborn than before I’d read this unholy mess.

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