Review: 52: Vol. 4

52: Vol. 4
52: Vol. 4 by Geoff Johns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summary: too bad about the never-say-die multiverse addiction at DC.

Dibny’s story? Awesome. Week 43 Day 1? Like a five-year-old wrote it.

Black Adam’s finale was not written by that five-year-old, and works much better.

And the build-up to the final climax? Cool. I felt like I participated in something actually pretty wondrous.

Too bad about bringing back the multiverse tho. Seems like DC is just addicted to its easy outs – the many, many variations on the same themes that make it so easy to explain away any discontinuities. Is DC just fundamentally lazy? Some describe it as "enabling creativity", but sometimes endless possibilities leave you without having to think hard, make choices or come up with elegant solutions.

DC is the brute force method of writing superhero stories. Just keep bashing on the same characters until one of the iterations finally comes out with something good.

I still liked the ending to 52, but it sure reminds me of how tiring these "restarts" get every time DC lets its writers paint them into a corner.

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