How can I publish GoodReads reviews on Google+, Facebook or Twitter?

Hey all my geeky friends: I’m trying to figure out the most automated way (least number of extra steps) to enable all the reviews I write on GoodReads to show up on my Google+ and/or Facebook streams. I realize that with the amount of effort I’ve put into these reviews over the last year or two, I might as well be getting more value out of the postings than from the dozen or so ‘friends’ I’ve accumulated on GoodReads itself.

Has anyone come up with a good scheme for pulling or pushing GoodReads reviews to their social walls? I’m currently experimenting with ways to pull or push reviews using this blog as a staging ground – see if I can find a way to pull or push from Blogger to G+ or Facebook.

Right now, I do all my reviewing from the GoodReads iPhone app, and based on my previous experiments, it looks like all of the automation is still just “semi-automated”, and only really available from a desktop browser. That is, GoodReads will certainly cache the locations and credentials necessary to cross-post from GR to the ‘foreign’ services; however, it still requires me to (a) fire up my laptop, (b) browse to GR, (c) find the review I just published via GR on iPhone, (d) click the checkbox for the ‘foreign service’ to which I want to post, and (e) push the review to that service.

My ideal behaviour: I’d LOVE GoodReads if they could enable the following scenario:
  • I write a review on GoodReads via the iPhone app
  • I switch the “shelf” from “currently-reading” to “read”
  • GoodReads publishes the review automatically (with no further actions on my part) to all previously-configured social platforms: Blogger, Facebook, Twitter (and in the near future, Google+)
Who do I have to get drunk to make this happen?

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