Obama White House – starting to feel a lot like Christmas

I’m getting awfully excited about the team that Obama is building. Biden’s track record & poise, the behind-the-scenes bulldog who’s going to be chief of staff, Clinton’s abilities/intelligence, Richardson’s sheer ability to articulate… It’s like the Bizarro world version of the Bush White House.

Especially after the past two years’ painfully-drawn out campaigning, the forced antagonism, the hyper scrutiny of every little difference between presidential candidates. Now, to see some of the strongest, smartest Democratic candidates all coming together to form such a solid team – it’s like this is the reward for sufering the last couple of decades of rampant Republican deconstructivism.

Actually, the first thought when I realized that we had these five (and others) I’m the same cabinet was, “this is starting to make me think of The West Wing [the fantasy White House that most of us had wished was really running the country]” – above all, with more collected intelligence and good intentions than I could’ve hoped would come together to lead this country.

I’ve been saying for the last couple if years that I’d be happy with a president that accomplished exactly *nothing* during their term, after the retarded clearcutting & international embarrassment of the tenure of the Connecticut Chimp. Now I’m actually looking forward to not just a period of healing from the road rash W has left behind, but real improvement in the lives of significant numbers of people (both inside and outside the US) that really *need* the help [instead of just lining the pockets of those who’ve already enriched themselves at the expense of the hard workers whose backs bore the burden of the conquistadors].

I’m not quite retardedly naive to think this will be a scandal- or failure-free era, but it’s awesome to not have to grit my teeth every time the president is about to open his mouth and prove how “special” he really is.


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