Do you Wiki? Word2MediaWiki.NET first release is live!


I just wanted to let my faithful readers know that I have finally completed a beta version of the Word2MediaWiki.NET add-in for Microsoft Word 2003.

This’ll be useful to anyone that regularly contributes to Wikipedia, or those that have a bunch of Word documents that they’d like to share on Wikipedia.

It’s just as useful for any of the other hundreds of wikis that use the same server software as Wikipedia (known as MediaWiki), and it’ll be of interest to those folks who’ve used Word2MediaWikiPlus (from whose VBA source code I converted much of the basis of Word2MediaWiki.NET).

Grab a copy here:

And please, let me know about any issues or experiences you have with it by posting a Discussion item here:

One thought on “Do you Wiki? Word2MediaWiki.NET first release is live!

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