If you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t get to make policy on it

It amazes me that one of the most powerful people in the world (a Yale
“graduate”, though that just proves how little that must mean these
days) still hasn't learned how to pronounce “nuclear”.

I can understand that science can be a hard subject, and god knows
that man displays surprising lack of intellectual horsepower, but on
this my opinion is unwavering: if you can't even spend the time to
learn how the word is pronounced, you couldn't possibly convince me
that you're even listening to the “elevator pitch” summaries of the
key issues, let alone sat down and really weighed the difficult
questions around nuclear power.

So ParanoidMike's Rule of Power power is simple: if you can't
pronounce it, you don't get to create or influence policy on it. A
retarded chimp shouldn't have their hand anywhere NEAR the button.

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