Memory leaks, GDI Objects and Desktop Heap – Windows registry changes for high-memory systems

In case I haven’t blogged about it this year, I wanted to share the usual fix-up that needs to be done to make full use of more than say 512 MB of RAM:

I had to swap “shells” recently, dropping my laptop’s hard drive into a replacement chassis. I realized later that it had half the usual RAM, and to get back to the 2 GB I was supposed to have took a few weeks.

On the suspicion that Windows might readjust its memory allocation parameters if it detects less memory than it started with, I figured I’d check on it after getting the RAM upgraded back to 2 GB. Sure enough, things are back to the defaults:

  • the “Windows SharedSection” portion of the Subsystems\Windows Registry setting was configured to 1024,3072,512, and like Matt I boosted it to 1024,8192,2048
  • the “SessionViewSize” Registry setting was configured to 48 MB, and I boosted it to 64 MB (just another multiple of 16, and figured a little more probably goes a long way).

Now go and do likewise.

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