From VBA to VSTO: porting Word2MediaWikiPlus to VB.NET

I’ve gotten religion about Wikis a while back, and recently I’ve had an incentive to look into the world of conversion applications.  I’m looking into the applications that are available to convert from one format (e.g. Office documents) to MediaWiki format (i.e. the engine behind the venerable Wikipedia).

I went wandering through the Wikipedia Tools pages and when I found the Office-oriented tools, I was surprised that many of them were implemented as VBA macros.  One in particular caught my eye: the one labeled Word2MediaWikiPlus.  It’s a single VBA macro, with a small number of functions, and it looks just ripe for creating a VSTO add-in.  Further, as compared to the other Word macros, it seems like it’s a superset of the others, and that the others preceded this and/or have since been abandoned.

I’m really getting into the community mindset, and I figure that not only will some of my colleagues appreciate having this kind of functionality, but that there’d be many folks on the ‘net who’d probably use something like this as well.  And once a basic CommandBar framework was put in place, and the source code available for re-use, then anyone who’d like to add their own functionality to a VSTO add-in for Office should be able to leverage the basic framework I could establish.

Sounds simple eh?  Just a little parsing through the object model, some digging through VBA-to-VB.NET conversions, and a little refresher on Office.CommandBar and its brethren – and voila!  One VSTO add-in that implements the same functionality as you see in the original VBA macro.  [Famous last words.]

No, I’m not quite that naive – I suspect it’ll take a good deal more than that before I’m through.  With that in mind, I’m considering a novel approach to this project: as I’m going through each stage of the conversion, I’ll blog about my experiences – the dead-end code paths I pursue, the inconsistencies in the Word object model, the under-documented features of the original source code, and all the places I find anything useful that keeps this moving towards completion.

Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


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