Something broke my CacheMyWork app!

Ever since I joined up with my current employer, I’ve been unable to get consistent results out of my CacheMyWork application. It wasn’t exactly professional quality when I released it, but it did what I wanted nicely on some XP & Vista systems I’d been using.

Since getting my IT-issued notebook, however, I’ve been unable to get the darned thing to work consistently. When I “cache” a half-dozen or more apps, I’ve never yet seen *all* of them start up at my next logon; sometimes I’ve even seen that NONE of them run. And yes, I’m quite certain that the Registry entries are getting successfully created (under HKCU\…\RunOnce) – which means that something is interrupting the execution of these once I’ve logged on.

My suspicions are heavily weighted towards the McAfee suite of security apps, especially AntiSpyware and HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention Service aka “entercept”). I’ve been trying to figure out how to block their activity, even temporarily (which admittedly is pretty much what I’m sure they were built to withstand), but no luck.

I’ve tried escalating through the IT service desk folks, but they are pretty much lacking in cluefulness – all I get is pointers to a couple of web pages and a vague escalation process (which seems to terminate in “single-app exceptions that *might* be added to the configuration). I need to be able to unblock whatever it is that’s intercepting CreateProcess (presumably) by the shell when it’s iterating through the HKCU\…\RunOnce values – the whole point of my app is to let me restart *any* user app, so one-by-one exception allowances is hardly an efficient solution.

I’ll keep digging, but if anyone has ever seen this kind of behaviour and/or has any pearls of wisdom on how to log/troubleshoot RunOnce activity, I’d sure appreciate a nice smack upside the head. [figuratively speaking – I’ll provide other rewards for anyone that actually helps me make progress…]

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