‘Embarrassed’ Gun Suspect Sues Microsoft After FBI Finds Sex Videos On His PC – Technology News by InformationWeek

You’re kidding, right?  This guy surfs for porn, bases a purchase decision on his need to surf for porn anonymously, and then sues Microsoft when he (inevitably) gets caught?  I know there are many folks out there that don’t understand the difference between “delete” and “wipe all traces”.  I’ve had to explain this to countless folks who want to understand how to actually protect their data from snoopers and thieves.

However, I’ve rarely known anyone with “questionable” surfing habits – and especially those who know their habits are questionable or at least embarrassing – to not investigate deep into the computer to make sure there are six ways from Sunday protecting them from unaware spouses, curious kids and wary employers.

What you do in the privacy of your own computer is your business, and I’m hardly condemning this guy for his legal and not-uncommon activities.  Still, he needs to cash a reality check if he has some expectation of privacy from law enforcement officials when he’s relying only on “automated delete” features of any piece of software.  There’s tons of discussions, web sites and vendors hawking cheap/strong/free encryption products, disk wipers, “trace erasers” and the like.

It’s no coincidence that Zimmerman’s PGP stood for “Pretty Good Privacy” – if you want to keep something to yourself, you’d better lock it behind a reasonable key and not leave the kitchen window wide open.

Heck, at least try some of the in-box encryption technology, before you go laying blame at Microsoft’s feet.  Then you’ve got at least a toe or two to stand on…

Link to ‘Embarrassed’ Gun Suspect Sues Microsoft After FBI Finds Sex Videos On His PC – Technology News by InformationWeek

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