I’ve UnDeparted from Microsoft

I’m back, baby!

Due to my recent un-departure from Microsoft, I am now employed again full time, and so far I’m loving the new job!

I’ve willingly rejoined the Borg as a Technical Program Manager on the MSSC (Microsoft Solutions for Security and Compliance) team. I’m once again on campus in Redmond, but this time (cf. my previous career as a member of MCS) I’m not relegated to one of the “satellite” buildings; rather I’m stationed (with the rest of the team) in Building 18 – right on main campus!

The past eight months away from Microsoft has been one amazing vacation, disconnecting from the non-stop email, the petty politics and my growing unease with how little I felt I’d accomplished in five years there. I spent much of that time playing with the dogs (a good thing), getting to know my wife (a very good thing) and teaching myself firsthand that I can survive post-Microsoft. Hopefully I’ve cleared out many of my demons, my fears and my old habits – on to a new and revitalized career.

What will I be doing as a TPM? Well, the MSSC team makes it their mission to develop and deliver “solutions for security” – sometimes humungo series of papers/recommendations/technical knowledge, sometimes focused white papers, sometimes “push-button” apps that solve problems outside the scope of traditional product development. Based on my expertise in data security (& peripherally around data protection), I expect to be contributing to security solutions that help Microsoft’s customers’ data more secure. I don’t know exactly what this means, but I know that it’ll involve a lot of technical depth in technologies like EFS, RMS and Vista’s Secure Startup/Full Volume Encryption. [I’ve only been on board for a couple of weeks, so beyond that only time will tell.]

Anyone out there with any gripes, concerns or ideas for improvement in these and related technologies? You’re more than welcome to drop me a line and I’ll see if I can’t carve out some time to hear you out. With any luck, in my new position, I’ll be able to get good ideas directly into the ears of those who develop those products. How’s that for service? I dare you to suggest something radical to me. 🙂

[Note: this means that from here on, and of course for all posts up to this point, my one nod to the corporate machine is to state for the record that everything I write here is the result of my own personal opinions and cannot be construed as the “official Microsoft stance” on anything, nor can my ramblings be ascribed to my employer in any form or fashion. Everything here should be taken “as-is” (although certainly I believe there’s merit in my leavings), and YMMV. Now go forth and enjoy it!]

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