Dell licensed TSS from Wave Systems – soon shipping TPM-enabled notebooks?

Not often we get a public hint of upcoming release plans from the computer vendors like this, but it looks like Dell has made a stronger commitment to the TPM wave that is catching fire with most major computer vendors.

Dell has added TPM chips to a couple of desktops, but has consipicuously been missing anything on their portables. I’m hoping we’ll see a notebook (and maybe a Tablet?) come out from Dell real soon now that has a TPM chip. Even better, since Dell has delayed all this time, perhaps they’ve been holding out for a production-ready TPM 1.2 chip…?

Gateway stole a leadership position from Dell by releasing their 14″ widescreen Tablet before Dell had a chance to reach that market. Of interest to me was their forward-thinking inclusion of a TPM 1.2 chip as well. Let’s hope Dell is readying a catch-up response to this, and that they’ll blow us away with TPM 1.2 chips across all their new systems from here on out!

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