Windows Vista’s Full Volume Encryption & TPM, part 4: available PCs that include TPM 1.2 chip

[Edit: corrected the Broadcom adapter model #, and removed the listing for the Dell Precision 380 Workstation, which turns out to only have a TPM 1.1b chip via the Broadcom BCM5751 chip.]

Since I only talked about Tablet PCs in part 2, I figure I owe it to the community to collect together a listing of any and all shipping PCs that include a v1.2 TPM chip.

What follows are all Servers, desktops, notebooks and Tablets that I could confirm currently include a TPM 1.2 chip:

none to date

Desktops & Workstations
Dell Optiplex GX620
Gateway FX400XL (via Broadcom NIC referenced here)
Gateway FX400S (via Broadcom NIC referenced here)
Gateway FX400X (via Broadcom NIC referenced here)
Gateway E-6500D SB (via Broadcom NIC referenced here)
HP Compaq Business Desktop DC7600 (via Broadcom NIC)
Vector GZ desktop

Gateway M250 Series
Gateway M460 Series
Gateway M680 Series

** HP TC4200 [THEORY: the TPM is an orderable part (Part #383545-001, $42.00 list price), which implies that it’s a removable/replaceable part (and thus that a TPM 1.2 chip could be swapped in later), but this is only an unconfirmed theory on my part] **

Gateway M280 Series

Bonus 1: Add-on Components
Broadcom BCM5752 & BCM5752M network controller chips (which has an integrated TPM 1.2 chip)

Bonus 2: Linux drivers
Linux driver with support for Infineon’s TPM v1.2 chip

And again, don’t forget to check Tony McFadden’s TPM Matrix. NOTE: I only used Tony’s TPM Matrix to start my search – I haven’t copied any entries without external confirmation, so there may be disagreements between our pages. When in doubt, remember that unless I could confirm a TPM 1.2 chip was included in a PC system, I did not list that system here. Tony’s page is meant to be more comprehensive, so he lists both PC systems with TPM 1.1 chips as well as those with unknown chips or which haven’t been confirmed to include a TPM chip.

P.S. Do you know of any other PC systems shipping a TPM 1.2 chip? If so, add your comment below!

P.P.S. What have I learned in my searches for TPM 1.2-integrated PC systems? Here’s a couple of tips that may be helpful if and when you off on your own search:

  1. If the spec sheet only mentions non-version-specific phrases such as “TPM chip”, “TPM Embedded Security Chip” or “the TCG standard” [emphasis mine], you can and should assume that the chip is a TPM 1.1 chip. Anytime I was able to confirm a TPM 1.2 chip, the PC system vendor made specific and repeated mention of the 1.2 version number. [Apparently this is a big differentiator, though few if any references on the Internet have clarified why.]
  2. If you are looking into a PC that was shipped before Summer 2005, you can rest assured that it did NOT ship with a TPM 1.2 chip, since the TPM chip vendors didn’t have production chips on the market until at least mid-summer of 2005.

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