Windows Vista’s Full Volume Encryption & TPM, part 3: links & background reading

Paul Thurrott indicates that FVE will appear in Enterprise & Ultimate editions of Vista:

Bart DeSmet digs in deep on EFS, TPM, Secure Startup and more:

David Berlind speculates on possible incompatibility between Vista/TPM & virtual machine technology:

George Ou shines light on a potential key export “backdoor” for FVE, and his ideas on why smartcards would be an ideal FVE key storage mechanism:

William Knight vaguely alludes to some proprietary algorithms used in FVE that could lead to “a possibility of in-memory attacks for keys.”

David Berlind speculates again on a possible use of the TPM by Windows Product Activation (totally unconfirmed at this point):

An out-of-date but still “best there is” collection of TPM-related hardware, software and integration information:

And last but not least, Microsoft’s Technical Overview of FVE:

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